Happy Earth Day! One of my favorite brands of all time is H&M and when they launched their Conscious collection about six years ago, I couldn’t have been more excited. I just love that they have made a huge presence in the sustainable fashion market that still encompasses on trend clothes that you feel awesome and proud wearing. H&M Conscious Exclusive checks all the boxes – attractive, sustainable & affordable. I am rocking some of my favorite pieces from the collection. Each piece is made out of a raw & organic material, I am in love!


This baby doll dress is made out a tencel blend – I love this dress because its super airy, light and resistant to wrinkles.


This print // material is one of my favorites – I just love the color combination and the gold accents. The skirt & dress is recycled polyester with mulberry silk & the blouse is organic cotton and silk blend – it is super soft and drapes really nicely.

& the most fun part – the bag. It is definitely beach inspired and it actually made out Bionic – which is something I just learned! It is recycled polyester from shoreline waste. Growing up right near the Jersey shore, I am naturally gravitated toward this piece specifically. I am so obsessed. Our earth is suffering from environmental issues in so many ways and far too many people live in poverty, insane climate change, without clean water, the list goes on. So, to rock something that is fashionable and sustainable is a win-win & overall, makes you feel quite proud wearing it.