Happy Monday everyone! Today I am doing something a little different. I will be sharing my favorite things at ATM. Specifically, my favorite beauty products. This is really not my forte – I am only used to sharing my favorite outfits for the most part, but I decided to spice it up a bit, LMK what ya think. I genuinely LOVE and use all of these things, hope you do too!

First  –  the skin.

I struggle with blemishes and random break outs. HARD. I started using Boscia and I honestly notice my complexion is much more clear and even. Still working on the whole random break out thing, but that honestly has a lot to do with what I am putting into my body everyday // overall life style…totally working on it. For real!

Second  –  the make up.

I tend to switch up my make up products semi-often. Not because I stop liking something, I am not too too picky with it, but mainly because it runs out and then I discover something new and then so on and so forth. BUT I do have to say, the things below has / will remain constant for a while. Especially the light dewy tinted moisturizers. They. are. awesome. I always go a couple shades lighter for some cover ups / foundations to brighten up & highlight (like this one from JOE FRESH – p.s – Haute Look is having a Flash Sale so you can grab all the products at a discounted price today!) My favorites of the bunch are the foundation, mascara (seriously is so light, but makes your lashes so much longer without them feeling like you have 9285928598 pounds of mascara on) Check them all out here.

Third  –  the hair.

I pretty much wear my hair in three styles – either down with a little beach wave, low slick-ish bun or super messy top knot. That is literally it. I use a lot of dry shampoo, some amazing hair oil and since I color my hair, color protecting shampoo/conditioner.

Thank you for stopping by!