I had the pleasure of going to London last week on behalf of Monica Vinader with the best crew! It was my first time in London too so that made this trip extra special. We stayed in London for half the trip and then headed out to the country side – this was so much fun because I really felt like I got to see the most of London’s vibe in the short time I was there.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was heading to the Monica Vinader head quarters. I never really understood how much of a beautiful process jewelry making was. Especially Monica Vinader’s – she and the team really go above and beyond to discover the perfect, high quality gemstones at an affordable price for fine jewelry. It was so impressive learning and seeing the process first hand. I am now obsessed! I am a huge bracelet person – I love mixing and matching metals and stacking them. All of her collections are meant for that and I just love it!

This trip was nothing short of amazing. I outlined everything we did, where we ate, my outfits and all that good stuff below. Also, THANK YOU to all of you. You guys gave me so many good suggestions as to what to see/eat. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do all of them, but that just means I have to go back!




What We Did:

  • When I arrived on Monday I honestly just roamed around Soho and admired every little corner I stumbled upon, popped in random coffee shops and stores – I always love doing this in a new city because I feel like just walking without a real destination helps you get acclimated quickly!
  • Thames Boat Tour –  this was absolutely amazing! You really got to see every part of London from the water while sipping on some bubbly and the boat was just gorgeous. We also found out that Justin Beiber (literally has been on the same boat like 6 times…), Karli Kloss, Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, Neil Diamond have been on the same charter before — so wack!
  • Holkham Hall – This was honestly I think one of my favorite parts. It was unreal. Like I mentioned earlier in this post, we traveled to the country side called Wells, where Monica Vinader’s HQ is. Right down the road is this incredible 18th Century estate that is still a family home.
    • The architecture and materials used to build this estate is almost unfathomable. Everything is so luxurious and beyond beautiful. We were lucky enough to have dinner in one of the dining rooms – this was truly an unforgettable experience. I highly recommend you take a tour of the estate if you ever find yourself out there!
  • Cowshed Spa –  We got manicures at the Cowshed Spa which is the salon located in the Soho House in Shoreditch. It was so relaxing and I borderline fell a sleep in the damn chair. I recommend trying this place if you aren’t into getting gels! Also – note that they don’t remove gel polish either. 😉

Where We Ate:

  • Berner’s Tavern – Another absolutely beautiful place. This was the restaurant attached to The London EDITION (where we stayed) and it was sooo good. We had breakfast there although the dinner menu looked just as delish. I had avocado toast (shocker) with an egg sunny side up and then the next day I had a croissant! I also had some good ol’ English tea. I felt like I couldn’t pass that up.
  • Rosa’s – My girl Kathleen from Carrie Bradshaw Lied and I had a little date night when we first arrived. We stumbled upon this cute little Thai place in Soho. I am honestly still dreaming about the chicken chili basil stir fry we had paired with coconut rice. I have to try and make it!
  • Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen – Okay, I am not going to lie – when I was here, I totally did not put two and two together that it was THE Jamie Oliver’s restaurant (I am going to blame this on the jet lag…I love him so much). This was such a lovely experience. I had the short rib pie that they only serve for lunch. It was SOOOOO freaking good, it sounds so cheesy, but it truly melted in your mouth.
  • Sketch – A pretty iconic London spot. We went here for dinner! It was such a fun atmosphere. Overall, good food. Great cocktails + wine along with desserts. I would definitely come back here for tea or cocktails!



Where We Stayed:

  • The London EDITION: I am so obsessed with this hotel. It was my first time staying there and it was immaculate. The lobby is stunning and the staff is so accommodating and sweet. I will definitely be staying here again. I highly recommend!
  • The White House: this was an adorable little bed & breakfast right on a beautiful farm located in Norfolk. I felt so British. Delicious breakfast and kind staff too!






& P.S – this dress is avail again! Lace Appliqué Gown (I wore a longer slip under mine!)