I cannot believe it is 2018. This past year has been amazing and I am SO thankful for everything that has come my way. I wanted to give you guys a glimpse of 2017 highlights…and I also wanted to add in some struggles too because let’s be real here…it is usually NOT as perfect as it seems.

As I wrote this, I realized there is a lot of firsts on this list. Here’s to another year with even more!

  1. Quit my full time job to pursue blogging full-time
  2. Coachella for the 1st time: this was amazing but honestly SO hard! We had a big work load and it since it was my first time we didn’t really know how to navigate everything // what to expect! It was awesome, though.
  3. Martha’s Vineyard with Soul Cycle: by far THE BEST press trip. We had such a fantastic group of editors, bloggers and the team was AMAZING. It was so balanced between working out and indulging in delicious food and drinks.
  4. London for the 1st time with Monica Vinader: a dream come true, for real. I have never been to London before so I was little nervous since I was going by myself, but it was amazing. The Monica Vinader team was phenomenal and totally spoiled us.  I met AMAZING bloggers and editors that I still keep in touch with now. GIRLS – you’re the best.
  5. Met so many new friends!!!: this goes with the trips above, I feel like this year I have gained so many awesome relationships between local bloggers in NYC, PR representatives at my favorite brands to people in the neighborhood!
  6. Panorama NYC with Botkier:  this was amazing and the creative freedom I had here was amazing, such a fun project!
  7. Governor’s Ball with Lord + Taylor: I always have so much fun working with Lord & Taylor, they are wonderful and feel super thankful that I got to work with them on their festival campaign for the 2nd year in a row!
  8. ELLE Magazine feature: A true pinch me moment for sure. Again, I feel SO THANKFUL that I was able to guest edit and be a part of their Holiday Index series. The year before, I was featured in their Influential section, so having this in the books for the second year in a row was really special for me.
  10.  Website crash for the very first time: I guess this is a good and bad thing, BUT I was on the phone back and forth with Blue Host for a couple hours…
  11. Henri Bendel Influencer Collection Campaign that was actually banners in stores etc. – it was a true pinch me moment!
  12.  South by South West in Austin: such a fun city and it so warm and just filled with amazing energy. I was there with the FRYE Company who I have worked with a bunch of times this past year. I love working with them, they are honestly my great!



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