Work Out To Brunch


I am always looking for ways to cheat the system and look cute without going too crazy, especially on the weekends when it’s time to unwind, finally get that work out in and then hang out with loved ones and friends.

I know I mentioned this before, but one of my lazy girl tips to dressing is finding a pair of leggings that can be worn for working out and then quickly transformed to a look that looks put together + acceptable to run errands or head to lunch.

Last Saturday, I went to a yoga class with Cotton followed by a lovely brunch and then I ran some errands. The best part was – I literally wore the same thing throughout the entire time pretty much…sounds gross? Nope. I think more brilliant…haha!

To take my cotton leggings by Hard Tail from work out to brunch I paired them with my favorite cotton oversized sweatshirt with cute lace details at the bottom. I never really paid attention to this, but cotton is used in so many different fabrics, you’d be surprised how many of your clothes is made out of some version of cotton! I am actually obsessed with all the benefits of it – cotton sheets are proven to give you a better night’s sleep, cotton clothes are versatile so you can wear it honestly anywhere, and since it washes odor cleaner than polyester, you can actually wash your cotton clothes  less often. I feel like I have a newfound appreciation for cotton haha. Read more about how cotton is super beneficial here. It will kind of blow your mind…I promise.


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  1. December 19, 2017 / 2:08 am

    This leggins are so cool!! I like the casual way you have styled them. You really add so much value to them!

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