2018 | New Year Resolutions

  1. Exercise More, consistently | I kind of exercise. & I do not do it consistently. I think the last time I worked out was two months ago…it is horrible. It was more like “I feel like working out today.” SO, now I am going to block workouts on the calendar in advance…every week.
  2. Get (AND STAY) Organized | This goes for my business + personnel life. This past month I really built out my content in advanced, got my business finances in order, donated unused products and clothes and it is feeling awesome. I want to continue this in 2018. It gets tricky for because like everyone, some weeks feel like a tornado hits with my work load and my shit gets EVERYWHERE. Even though I thrive off being busy, I still need to keep my shit in order.
  3. Invest my $$ | Never really understood how important this was until the last couple of years. I really want to invest in a couple things this year…one of which is a property.  I would love to buy something within the next couple of years.
  4. Travel more!!! |  This is something that is always on my list. Since I transitioned into blogging full time, this has gotten much better because I have the time, but there are so many places that I want to go…in the United States and around the world. I am so excited for my travels in 2018!
  5.  Stay true | Being a blogger can pull you in a ton of different directions and I think it really important to think about what you are perceived as and making sure it is aligned with exactly who you truly are. I have always made it a point to only work with brands I actually LIKE and use, but I think it goes beyond that – showing the type of person you are, sticking with a style (art direction, brand image, photography etc.) that is you instead of trying to imitate something you saw someone else do on IG and maybe you think it will work better for you. This is not to say you shouldn’t be inspired but others (I am all the time and I think that helps you grow)  but I think it it important to also figure out yourself what comes naturally and works for  you.
  6.  DRINK MORE WATER | Oh my goodness, this is something I always struggle with and I never thought to put into a New Years resolution, but today’s the day. I am horrible at this. I feel like I only have a some water in the morning and a little a night. The rest of what I consume is either coffee, diet coke, seltzer or wine…
  7.  Website Facelift + Newsletter | I have had the same website pretty much since I started blogging which was two years ago…time to add a little facelift and I am excited to build more of a community and bring you exclusive content with my newsletter!
  8. Practice Meditation | I have a hard time “turning off” as many of us do nowadays and I honestly do not do anything to help me “shut down” for a moment or relax besides going to the gym which I don’t do that much…so here is to indulging in the practice of meditation and/or yoga. I think this will also help my posture which is another goal of mine that I need to work on desperately…

I wanted to do this post to help keep me accountable so…guys…hold me to all of these! What are some of your resolutions? Would love to hear.

Happy New Year! XO


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