…about me. For those of you new to the game – as much as I love sharing my outfits for you guys, it is time to get a little more personal. Not many  of you guys really know me because all I really  do is share my outfits!

So, about once a week I  share 3 #thingsyoudidntknow about me along side some of my favorite items or products I have been using, wearing, just bought etc.

  1. I LOVE THRIFTING / ANTIQUING: I grew up going to thrift stores, flea markets and antique stores with my mom and I have continued to do it as I have gotten older. I love curating unique & super affordable pieces whether it be furniture, house ware or of course, clothes!  I’d love learn some of your favorite thrift stores in NYC or NJ! Some of mine are:
  • Red White & Blue  in Hamilton NJ
  • East Village Thrift Shop NYC
  • Beacon’s Closet NYC
  • What Comes Around Goes Around (luxury vintage)

2. I LOVE THE MEATBALL SHOP: My all time favorite place to go to dinner is the meatball shop in NYC. They have a few different locations and my favorite thing to get is the meatballs in the pesto sauce. De-LISH. What are your favorite places to eat in the city?!

3.  I AM OBSESSED WITH THROW PILLOWS: I have been obsessed with decorate throw pillows forever, I love all the different textures, colors – the list goes on. That is why I like to keep my bedding and couch neutral so I can swap out the throw pillows when I get bored and want to freshen a space up. I honestly sometimes have to avoid the pillow aisle in target, homegoods or marshalls because I know I am just going to buy more!

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